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169 Fullarton Road, Dulwich SA 5065
PO Box 377, Kent Town, SA 5071
Telephone: (08) 8133 5097
Facsimile: (08) 8431 3502

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Adelaide Workmen’s Homes Incorporated

Adelaide Workmen's HomesH I S T O RY
Adelaide Workmen’s Homes Incorporated
was established on September 30th, 1898. Under the terms of the Will of the late Sir Thomas Elder, twenty five thousand pounds was bequeathed "to benefit workmen by providing them with suitable dwellings at a reasonable rental".

Responsibility for the actual setting up of Adelaide Workmen’s Homes Inc was left to the "absolute and uncontrolled discretion" of Sir Thomas’s Executors, Mr. Robert Barr Smith and Mr. Alexander Martin, although it was requested that much regard be paid to "the Trust Deeds constituting what is known as the Peabody Donation Fund in England".

Interestingly, and with great foresight, the 1898 Trust Deed stated that ‘the term ‘workmen’, whatever mentioned, shall include workwomen’.

Since establishment, the Trust has grown substantially, and currently owns more than 200 properties throughout the Richmond, Mile End and Norwood areas.

Adelaide Workmens HomesO B J E C T I V E S
Under the umbrella of providing ‘workmen’ with dwellings at reasonable rental, the Trust Deed states activities may encompass:

The purchase of real estate not further in a straight line from the GPO at Adelaide than 100 miles
Dwellings and other development which the Trustees consider will benefit the well-being of residents and their families
Maintenance and improvements
Rental and sale of property to achieve a nett increment for the further extension of Trust benefits

In the original Trust Deed, housing was available to workmen (or workwomen) and their families. In 1966, it was amended to also apply to persons who "having been workmen or dependents of workmen, or who are aged pensioners".

This change reflects duration of tenure which is typical of Adelaide Workmen’s Homes tenants and the goodwill that exists between the landlord and its tenants.

Click Here to Download the Tenant Eligibility and Rental Determination Document

Adelaide Workmen’s Homes Incorporated
169 Fullarton Road, Dulwich SA 5065| PO Box 377, KentTown, SA 5071
Telephone: (08) 8133 5097| Facsimile: (08) 8431 3502


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